How do we start, this is all new to me?

What do I need to do to get the domain over to you?
First let us know what the domains are, then you can send over the EPP or auth codes so we can initiate the transfer of the domains.

Will I still be working with my old registrar or host?
Not unless you want to. We can be the one stop shop of simplicity, managing it all for you to make the process even easier.

If I transfer the domain to you do you then own it or do I?
You own them just like you do now, we simply hold them in your account just like you have with a previous registrar. Free ID protect is included for all domains.

I understand you can help me setup a domain based email associated with the website, is that an additional monthly cost?
We do offer a free starter account email or as an option you can chose to upgrade to G Suite or to an Office 365 Exchange plan.

Do you setup my ability to go in the "back end" and update or change my website?
We sure do. Your developer can assist with WordPress or we can install it for you. You also have full account control via your own cPanel backend.

Also, I don't plan on being ready to launch the website right away, is there a way to wait to turn that on?
Yes there is. You can register the domains now and wait to add the hosting package until your site is near completion if you like. The server hosting space is provisioned automatically in just a few minutes.

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