Adding a user to your GSuite domain.

If you have members of your organization or company, such as an assistant, that you want to be able to send mail from then you have a few options for accomplishing this.


  1. You can provide your password to GSuite (the other user will have full access to all your email and the entire GSuite account).  In terms of security of your email inbox, this is perhaps not the best choice out there, and the other options below are both provide a bit more security.
  2. If you would like the user to be able to send email as (or some other email like “support” or “office”, etc), as a G Suite administrator, you can give a user in your organization an alternate address for receiving email at no extra cost. Do this by adding an email alias to the user's account in your Google Admin console. Using an alias allows you to also post from multiple addresses and all email correspondence will still appear in the same inbox. Google allows up to 30 aliases. Again, everyone still has access to the same email inbox, so be sure you are comfortable sharing this access.
  3. You can add additional personnel as a separate user and create a mailbox for (or “support” or “office”, etc).  Each additional user is an additional $6 a month in cost for your GSuite subscription. This is the most secure option for your email but lacks the immediacy of shared emails.

As a GSuite user, you can request support from Google by going to and clicking the circle in the top right with the ? in it or have a look at the 2 articles below:

Add or remove an email alias -

Add Users Individually -

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